When a big voice meets a big cause, our world becomes a better place.

Champions for Literacy is a non-profit that uses the power of sports to impact childhood reading.

Why literacy?

Literacy is a cause like no other.

Literacy inspires dreams, unlocks potential, and opens doors of opportunity for kids.

our first 10 years of impact

we believe athletes can inspire social change.

Sport is the vehicle that drives our three impact areas connected to childhood reading.


fight for literacy games

promote the cause



resource effective reading programs


athletes engaged

inspire kids to become great readers

Ways to get involved

Create bright futures. Become a champion for literacy.

Literacy Partners

Tap into the power of sports to raise awareness & funds for your work.

Athletes & Teams

Use your platform for good to impact the next generation.

Corporate Sponsors

When a powerful brand meets a monumental cause, change happens.

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