Today's readers are tomorrow's employees.

When a powerful brand meets a monumental cause, change happens. Invest in impact through event sponsorship, because without you, we can't expand our impact.

Kids are capable of becoming proficient readers. They simply need access and opportunity.

We believe sports and corporate partnerships are key to their journey, and strong literacy trajectories means more kids who can dream about their future.

More kids who can discover their purpose. More kids who can decide how they want to practice generosity. More kids who will walk through the doors of your business and shape it for the better.

We work closely with our Corporate Catalysts to develop mutually beneficial opportunities with undeniable impact. All on behalf of kids who are capable.

Get Your Brand Involved

Work with us to create a unique story with a local literacy program.

Utilize your brand's resources to meet a literacy need.

Tell that story in the sports arena and maximize the moment.

"Orion is proud to support the impactful work of CFL. CFL is more than a literacy-focused program, and it’s more than a sports program. They bring real assets to the table your brand can associate with, both in the digital and in-person space."

Casey Condra

Chief Marketing Officer / Orion FCU

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